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A Glimpse into the Internship Experience in ID Integrated

Internships are a crucial part of gaining real-world experience and insight into a potential career path. Recently, our team had the opportunity to interview our intern, Malcolm. And we were blown away by his experience and the valuable lessons he learned during his time there.

During our conversation, Malcom shared his excitement about landing the internship with ID Integrated, according to him “I broadened my knowledge in interior design through hands-on experience, like learning to think creatively, work within budget constraints, and effectively communicate with clients.”

The interview shed light on the invaluable experiences gained during the internship, emphasizing the importance of hands-on learning, adaptability, and effective communication. It showcased how an internship can be more than a stepping stone into a career—it can be the spark that ignites a lifelong passion.

Internships are transformative experiences that shape the next generation of professionals. By providing a platform for meaningful work, mentorship, overcoming challenges, and personal growth, ID Integrated not only contributes to the development of future talent but also benefits from the fresh perspectives and enthusiasm that interns bring to the table.