Questions to Achieve a Successful Workplace Transformation

Before embarking on your workplace transformation journey, it’s essential to ask your team the right questions. Here are the top 3 common questions to ask before considering an office renovation:

How can your workplace help to better support your business goals?

When planning for your workplace transformation, define how your future space will help you to best support your teams’ efforts. Align with your vision and your business goals. Your new workspace should help you solve current space and employee challenges, and allow for future growth.

For example, if your company is focused on growing with global clients, do consider integrating various conference rooms in your office. In other hands, If your company is focused on customer service, you may want to prioritise spaces that allow for efficient communication and feedback. 

What do your employees require (more of/less of) to perform their best work?

Plan your space with employees’ needs in mind. Consider the types of work that employees will be doing in the space and design accordingly. For example:

  • Open spaces: Open and semi-open collaborative spaces for teamwork, brainstorming, and communication. This can include collaborative meeting rooms, informal lounge spaces, and shared workspaces.
  • Enclosed spaces: For focus work, video conferences and private discussions.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: User friendly spaces, well integrated with technology, ergonomic & flexible furniture, use of natural lighting and biophilic design to promote staff well-being at work.

By putting employees’ needs first, you’ll be on your way to creating a workspace that attracts and retains top talent!

How can your work environment reflect your company’s values?

By incorporating elements that align with your corporate vision, mission, values and branding, you can create a space that not only inspires employees but also showcases the company’s identity and values. 

Here are ways to integrate:

  • Working with your Marketing team and Designers: Identify opportunities for graphics, special design, quotes, history wall, gallery to inject your corporate culture into your space. 
  • Corporate Branding Elements: Corporate branding elements such as logos, signage, and color schemes into the space to create a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.
  • Internal alignment: HR, Operations and Facilities teams will help you to reinforce your company’s work policies and etiquette as required

A workplace transformation requires careful planning and consideration of various factors. By asking the right questions to your team and aligning your plans with business goals, employee needs, and company values, your new workplace will not only fulfil the company’s current needs but also support your company’s growth and evolution.