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Embodying Brand in workplace

Branding is more than just a logo or any other elements such as advertising and stationaries. It is an immersive experience created for visitors and employees. It welcomes them, directs them and the main purpose is for them to remember you.  Your space can be a unique representation of your brand history with the element of your logo, and first impression matters!

In recent years, creating a unique workplace that reflects your brand identity is an opportunity to imply brand identity and instill one’s company culture. Besides a company’s brand logo, organizational values and beliefs are the main factors of building a successful brand. Such values and beliefs could be communicated thru the brand elements infused in a workspace.

Embodying brand in Pertamina Office
Pertamina International M&D

For Pertamina , IDI utilizes logo-themed cut-out acoustic dividers to separate its walkway from the common workspace area. The blue panels represent part of its company logo shade, which translates to reliability, trustworthiness, and responsibility. Incorporating brand colors into the workplace is a simple yet recognizable way to associate the space with your brand. Another feature is the printed acoustic panel that represents the company being in the oil and gas industry. This piece was produced by collaborating with our artist who transforms the corporate image into a piece of artwork.

Embodying brand in Campari Office
Campari Singapore

For Campari, IDI further enhance the brand identity and values through word clustered window frosting. Company mottos and tagline are applied in various text sizing and fonts to retain privacy.  Its collaboration seating area is designed with a product feature shelf with great lighting to showcase its products. Campari’s colorful products featured and lighting aids in creating a great ambience where employees and guests connect to its brand upon entering the space.

Embodying brand in IDI Office
IDI Office Singapore

For IDI , guests at the holding area are welcome by a biophilic wall featuring our corporate tagline – Creative Integrated Spacemaker. A neon sign is used to reflect a young workplace culture and to leave a lasting impression on staff and clients alike. Another branding element in IDI’s office is its hand-sketched mural which illustrates a home with plenty of flowers to represent business and personal growth, while the gold color represents the timeless value.

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